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It is a passion of mine to be able to change the world. I believe in the essence of happenstance and we were all put on this planet for a reason. As a community, it our goal to put into place sustainable business practices that will protect our planet from further harm.

We strive to encourage others to care for the environment by simply not tearing it down. Plant trees, grow a garden, eat healthy, shop local, and reduce your carbon footprint. We only have one planet, so let’s protect it.

Rural Woman Bangladesh

In addition, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 780 million people worldwide do not have access to an improved water source, and an estimated 2.5 billion people (more than 35 percent of the world’s population) lack access to improved sanitation. It is our goal to partner with a charitable organization and/or build capital to develop innovative systems that will bring access to clean water to these countries.

Clean Ocean Project

Join the Clean Ocean Project on Friday, November 2nd at 6 PM for their annual fundraising event at Windows on the Water in Sea Bright, NJ. This year’s theme is Ocean in Motion—celebrating the season of marine migration and COA’s ongoing actions to protect the ocean from harm.

A ticket to this joyful event includes a raw bar provided by Lusty Lobster, live music with the Jukebox Criminals and dancing, a dinner prepared by Executive Chef Pete Cruz, complimentary wine, beer and vodka, as well as chances to win incredible prizes through the silent auction, 50/50 and other raffle opportunities. It’s going to be a wonderful time so come on out, enjoy the ride and support cleaner beaches and water!

There are still sponsorship opportunities available. If interested, please contact Spencer at Programs@CleanOceanAction.org.

Take the Single Use Plastic Pledge

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Join a growing movement of divers who are kicking their plastic habit. When many of us make small changes to the way we live, the impact on our planet can be great.

Here are eight easy ways for you to reduce your use of single-use plastics.

  1. Say “no straw please” when ordering drinks. Plastic straws are one of the most common types of debris found underwater and on beaches.
  2. Use reusable tote bags when shopping. We prefer recycled cotton or canvas bags.
  3. Try going plastic-free for a week or a month. Read about one diver’s plastic-free month.
  4. Wear natural fibres. When they’re washed, synthetic fabrics can shed microfibers that enter our water system and eventually reach the ocean.
  5. Swap plastic wrap for beeswax paper. Cover leftovers or wrap up your lunch with this reusable, sustainable alternative.
  6. Bring your own coffee mug, water bottle and cutlery. Say ‘no’ to plastic lids and bottles – carry your own for on the go.
  7. Keep plastic out of your home. From blenders to ice cube trays, opt for glass or stainless steel appliances and containers. And switch to bars for shampoo and soap.
  8. Make your pet plastic-free too. Purchase toys and pet furniture made of natural materials. Bamboo, sisal and cardboard are great, healthy options for your active kitties and pups.
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