As a Public Relations student, I have had several opportunities to write press releases and make flyers for several on-campus events, non-profit organization fundraising events, and small business advertisements, through my experience with PRSSA (The Public Relations Student Society of America), successful internships, and freelance work.

I was offered the position of Senior Account Executive on Monmouth University’s PRSSA E-Board for the 2018-2019 academic year. As the Senior Account Executive on E-Board, I work with clients to establish realistic goals for students, introduce social media posts as part of the general members’ work, bring creative ideas to improve enthusiasm around working for a client, and choose clients at the end of summer 2018. A team of four account coordinators report directly to me as I assist these coordinators in the work that they do for our clients.

As a member of PRSSA, I participate in the student-run PR firm: Shadow PR at Monmouth University. The student society aims to foster an understanding of current theories and procedures of the profession, encouragement of the highest ideals and principles, and the installment of a professional attitude. The work done by the members of the organization includes, planning fundraising events, advertising for those events, and working towards becoming an Associate Member in PRSA and eventually an Accredited Membership.

Her Campus Media has also provided me with the opportunity to work with a handful of determined, career-oriented, young women seeking experience in journalism and marketing. As one of the founding members of Her Campus Monmouth, I, along with four other students, worked closely to partner Her Campus Media with Monmouth University to create our chapter.

As the Director of Marketing and Publicity, it is my responsibility to attract new members and promote Her Campus Monmouth’s chapter by planning promotional events and designing advertisements, while creatively marketing and publicizing the online magazines’ articles and latest content.

My experience at Monmouth University has also provided me with the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with small businesses like Lubrano’s 36 in Middletown, New Jersey. In the Fall of 2017, I completed a PR campaign for the restaurant, which included a complete assessment of the business, an industry overview, acknowledging its competition and its impact, overcoming the business’ past crisis, establishing a problem statement & goal statement, creating charts and statistics, and monitoring past campaign, promotional, advertising, & marketing efforts.

The goal of the campaign was to help Lubrano’s 36 gain publicity, social media followers, and increase overall revenue. In order to achieve this goal I updated the Facebook page to look more professional and attracting to customers, created a new and active Instagram account and developed a website with WordPress. Since the campaign has ended, the restaurant has increased its social media following across all three platforms and most importantly, the lunch and early dinner revenue has increased earning the restaurant owners a larger profit.

My love for social media and marketing has inspired me to start my own business. I have decided to start freelancing as a social media marketer and PR coordinator.

My first client was Hall of Fame Deposition Services, Inc. in New York, NY. As the Marketing and PR Coordinator, my responsibilities include coordinating and developing online marketing material, while maintaining the online presence of the company. This includes creating a Facebook Page and LinkedIn profile then consistently publishing relevant content via related posts and direct advertisements. I also developed and maintain the company website via GoDaddy. I will continue to develop the company’s online presence and provide tangible items; such as, flyers and press releases.

My second client for whom I currently work for as the Public Relations Specialist is Suzanne Kiall & Associates, LLC in Cedar Knolls, NJ. I develop online marketing material and maintain the online presence of the company; as well as, create tangible marketing material, specifically flyers, for commercial property real estate listings.

Thirdly, I currently work as the Communications Coordinator for Valvano Insurance Agency, Inc. in Linden, NJ. My responsibilities include coordinating and developing online marketing material, and maintaining the online presence of the company, including developing and maintaining the company website; while maintaining social media profiles, specifically across FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

I also currently work as the Website Developer and PR Specialist for Labush Chiropractic. I design, code and modify the company’s website, from layout to function and according to client’s specifications, while striving to create a visually appealing website that features user-friendly design and clear navigation. Please click here to view the website.

In addition to freelancing, I’ve also completed two social media marketing internships.

I am currently interning for Elements of Thyme Massage & Wellness in Clinton, NJ as social media marketer. My responsibilities include creating a long term social media plan and marketing calendar, relationship building with online community by maintaining FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Alignable accounts, tracking social media analytics using HootSuite and other software, creating compelling content shared by influencers, and creating compelling marketing material that captures the essence of the company through spa menus, advertisements, etc.

In the Spring of 2017, I completed an internship with Jersey Girls Creative where I worked as a social media marketer for Deldor Day Spa in Tenafly, New Jersey. Most of the ratings on Facebook were poor due to the lack of communication between the spa and its customers. There was also a concern for the lack of social media/online advertising, which missed an immense amount of potential clients. By targeting women between 18 to 35 years old on Facebook and Instagram, more appointments were scheduled and Facebook ratings were increased.

Initially, the business targeted its advertising efforts on women between 40-65 years old; however, according to Forbes, 47 percent of individuals between the ages of 16-36 say their purchase decisions are influenced by social media. These purchases include spa services as 33 percent of the social media market includes health and beauty related products/services, according to Deloitte data.

If you’re interested in hiring a social media marketer, please contact me at nicolegabriellenotar@gmail.com or 1-(908)-242-0076.

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