Karl Lagerfeld to Present Chanel’s S/S 2017 Haute Couture Show

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February 20, 2017


New York, New York — Karl Lagerfeld will present Chanel’s Spring-Summer 2017 Haute Couture Show during Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday, March 8, at 10:30 a.m. at the Grand Palais. Lagerfeld, a German fashion designer and Creative Director of Chanel, focuses on tailoring as he feels it is a neglected art in womenswear today. The show will feature the classic Chanel tweed suit but in bright colors – mint, checkered pink, peach, lavender and yellow – slightly channeling the ‘80s. The collection will feature designs of silver sparkles, elegant silhouettes, and an ankle-length beige checkered coat with un peu glitter and finished with a sequined collar and cuffs.

“I wanted something impeccable, clean. I wanted the girls to look like walking fashion drawings,” said Karl Lagerfeld, adding, “And I must say, I love feathers!” The creative director does not fail to uphold the standards held by Gabrielle Chanel: “Chanel is above all a style. Fashion passes, style remains.”

In his late teen years, Lagerfeld had begun a full time job with French designer Pierre Balmain as a Junior Assistant and then as an apprentice. After three years with Balmain, the young designer took work as a Creative Director with another fashion house before finally, venturing out on his own in 1961. He found himself designing collections for high fashion labels like Chloe and Fendi.

Karl Lagerfeld has designed for Chanel since 1983 and continues to prove himself in each collection he presents. The designer, artist and photographer is based in Paris where he works as the head designer for the fashion house Chanel, Italian fashion house Fendi, and his own fashion label – Karl Lagerfeld. Lagerfeld is known for having made Chanel the biggest designer name in the world. The label used to be worn primarily by Parisian doctors’ wives and now the designer as become a global style icon for his work with the label. He knows how to make a catwalk moment and has adopted the strategy of “my life and my job is to forget myself” and describes himself as being “like a computer plugged into the Chanel mode.” He is known in the industry for his innovative styles using inspiration from designs of the past and working them into in-the-moment designs.

The high fashion designer attended Lycée Montaigne, a famous French public secondary school located in the sixth arrondissement of Paris, near the Jardin du Luxembourg. He studied drawing and history and submitted a series of sketches and fabric samples to a design competition where he ended up taking first place in the coat category. He speaks several languages, has published books of his art photography, and owns a bookshop in Paris. By 1997, Vogue crowned Lagerfeld “unparalleled interpreter of the mood of the moment.”

For more information visit the official web site Chanel.com or contact 1.800.550.0005 to speak to Chanel customer care. We will gladly assist you.



About Chanel

Chanel is a fashion and beauty company featuring French couture inspired by Parisian looks. Chanel No. 5, launched in 1921, has become a historical staple of the brand as it established the foundation for the designer to create other beauty products further developing Chanel’s fragrance, makeup and skincare lines.

Chanel was founded in Paris, France by designer Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel in 1909. She adapted the name “Coco Chanel” and opened her first store, which was partly for hat making. Mademoiselle Chanel introduced modern day fashion to the wealthy conservatives of the early 19th-century accommodating to the Parisian style of sophistication and class.

The luxury brand caters to men and women internationally earning approximately $5.2 billion in sales. The privately held fashion company is headquartered in New York City and based out of Paris, France, but has boutiques located across the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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