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I am individually trying to create a brand for myself as a college student seeking a career in Public Relations; as well as, Journalism and Marketing. This website includes my blog – It’s Nikki’s Corner – where I post about the latest trends in fashion and beauty; however, the website also includes samples of my work in the Public Relations field through my experience on the Executive Board of Monmouth University’s PRSSA chapter, successful internships, and freelance work.

Most importantly, it is a passion of mine to be able to change the world. I believe in the essence of happenstance and we were all put on this planet for a reason. The importance of sustainable business practices are too often overlooked and It’s Nikki’s Corner is working to change that. As a community, it our goal to put into place sustainable business practices that will protect our planet from further harm. Additionally, we strive to encourage others to care for the environment by simply not tearing it down. Plant trees, grow a garden, eat healthy, shop local, and reduce your carbon footprint. We only have one planet, so let’s protect it.

XoXo Nikki

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