In addition to freelancing, I’ve also completed two social media marketing internships.

I am currently interning for Elements of Thyme Massage & Wellness in Clinton, NJ as social media marketer. My responsibilities include creating a long term social media plan and marketing calendar, relationship building with online community by maintaining Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Alignable accounts, tracking social media analytics using HootSuite and other software, creating compelling content shared by influencers, and creating compelling marketing material that captures the essence of the company through spa menus, advertisements, etc.

In the Spring of 2017, I completed an internship with Jersey Girls Creative where I worked as a social media marketer for Deldor Day Spa in Tenafly, New Jersey. Most of the ratings on Facebook were poor due to the lack of communication between the spa and its customers. There was also a concern for the lack of social media/online advertising, which missed an immense amount of potential clients. By targeting women between 18 to 35 years old on Facebook and Instagram, more appointments were scheduled and Facebook ratings were increased.

Initially, the business targeted its advertising efforts on women between 40-65 years old; however, according to Forbes, 47 percent of individuals between the ages of 16-36 say their purchase decisions are influenced by social media. These purchases include spa services as 33 percent of the social media market includes health and beauty related products/services, according to Deloitte data.

Please click here to view tangible items regarding Elements of Thyme Massage & Wellness and click here to view tangible items regarding Deldor Day Spa.

If you’re interested in hiring a social media marketer, please contact me at or 1-(908)-242-0076.

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