I was offered the position of Senior Account Executive and Director of Client Relations on Monmouth University’s PRSSA E-Board for the 2018-2019 academic year. As the Senior Account Executive on E-Board, I work with clients to establish realistic goals for students, introduce social media posts as part of the general members’ work, bring creative ideas to improve enthusiasm around working for a client, and choose clients at the end of summer 2018. A team of four account coordinators report directly to me as I assist these coordinators in the work that they do for our clients.

As a Public Relations student, I have had several opportunities to write press releases and make flyers for several on-campus events, non-profit organization fundraising events, and small business advertisements, through both PRSSA (The Public Relations Student Society of America) and successful internships.

As a member of PRSSA, I participate in the student-run PR firm: Shadow PR at Monmouth University. The student society aims to foster an understanding of current theories and procedures of the profession, encouragement of the highest ideals and principles, and the installment of a professional attitude. The work done by the members of the organization includes, planning fundraising events, advertising for those events, and working towards becoming an Associate Member in PRSA and eventually an Accredited Membership.

Please click here to view tangible items; such as flyers and press releases.

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