Choo It Yourself

Forget less-is-more, Jimmy Choo’s newest custom bejeweled collection is ready for pre-order. The beautiful collection includes interchangeable pom poms and crystals to easily mix and match. First things first, select a beautiful shoe or bag. Secondly, add more Swarovski jewels. Lastly, admire your own designed collection. Let these glittering extras  revamp your wardrobe.

Thankfully, the customizing does not stop at shoes and handbags, but is an available option with sunglasses as well.

The Vivy pink round framed sunglasses with detachable jewel clip ons allows for two options: retro or glamour.

But get designing – the collection is limited.

Photo Credits to JIMMY CHOO and J. Choo USA, Inc. Copyright © 2013 J. Choo Limited. All Rights Reserved.

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Founder of Nikki's Corner, the boutique agency works with real estate, food & beverage, and lifestyle brands to promote their new products and services. Notar heads client relations and work with clients to establish realistic goals for clients, introduce social media posts as part of the campaign, bring creative ideas to improve enthusiasm around working for a client, and instituting influencer collaborations.

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