Makeup Brush Holder

We have all experienced the tornado that hits our bedroom when in the process of our morning routine and promise ourselves every morning that this weekend we’ll get organized, but we all know, more often than not, that never happens. Studies have shown that makeup brushes are one of the most bacteria attracting beauty products and must be cleaned every two weeks at minimum. One of the ways bacteria builds on our most beloved paintbrushes is by being left on our dressers, the edge of the bathroom sink, or tossed into a makeup bag to carry around for touchups throughout the day. Refinery29 asked five women about the placement of their makeup brushes and then sent their brushes to a lab – the results are not quite what the women expected. For more details check out Refinery 29‘s “We Sent Our Makeup Brushes to a Lab – & Immediately Regretted It” but right now, I’m going to share with you how to make your own makeup brush holder and the best places to keep your brushes and avoid unnecessary bacteria.

I searched through various glass vases at Michael’s, an American arts and crafts retail chain, until I came across an Ashland® rectangular glass vase ($16.49). Its slim design and glass transparency makes it easy to place anywhere on my dresser.

Of course, the vase needs to be filled with something to hold the brushes in place and an easy solution is either beads or marbles. I chose Mini Sky Blue Decorative Fillers by  Ashland® ($2.99/ 12 oz) – the shiny mini marbles add reflection and sparkle to such a simple DIY beauty organizer.

After going home and washing the glass vase out to ensure it is squeaky clean, I pour the marbles into the vase and place my makeup brushes into it. The finished product is a fresh, stylish makeup brush organizer bringing a little elegance into your bedroom.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

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