Beauty Tips from Angelina Jolie

The mother of six has transformed from being one of Hollywood’s most dangerous girls to a respected actress, director and humans rights advocate. Angelina Jolie is a true example of what it means to be beautiful on the inside and out. Her naturalistic beauty is something to admire, but also learn.


1. One beauty lesson from Angelina Jolie is don’t underestimate the power of simplicity. A fresh look of nude gloss, a little black dress and a bold red lip is one of Jolie’s go-to styles. She is the queen of the subtle yet strong look. I don’t think anyone has ever seen her experimenting with trends – which she makes a good thing.

2. Good brows change everything. Remember when plucked brows were the signature look of Jolie in the 90s? The well-groomed brows complemented her angular face with their natural softening look.

3. Find what works for you and stick to it. After much experimenting in her younger Hollywood years, Jolie has found what works for her and has stuck to it: a simple cat eye, subtle smokey eye, classic up-dos, glowing skin, and voluptuous bombshell hair.

4. Taking good care of your skin is critical. We all can’t forget that Angelina Jolie did have her wild days before entering her more reformed years, but glowing skin like hers is not without effort. An effort-full skincare regime is what keeps Jolie’s skin beautifully radiant, not Botox.

5. And last but not least, inner beauty is way more important than makeup ever will be. Despite her endless beauty, Angelina Jolie has a heart of gold and that is what makes her the incredible, admirable woman that she is. Her advocacy for human rights and her desire to help those around the world inspires others, rather than just pleasing the eye.

Angelina Jolie has ventured back into the beauty world as she filmed her first commercial for Guerlain Parfumeur. She has not been involved with any beauty campaigns since Shisheido in 2007.

“Notes of a Woman” is the title of the new fragrance commercial released Monday, Feb. 27, by Guerlain, in which Jolie frolics and pampers herself in the French countryside. Thierry Wasser, Guerlain’s master perfumer said Jolie inspired the fragrance as it is meant to evoke “the choices, emotions, and dreams that embody modern femininity.”

Jolie told Elle Magazine that she was compelled to partner with Guerlain because it reminded her of her mother, who used a powder from the brand. The selfless woman that Angelina Jolie is, she donated all of the pay she would have received from the endorsement to charity.

Watch the full video, below:
Angelina Jolie Beauty Tips.png

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