Spring for Summer’s Classic Short Styles

The four pairs of shorts every fashion girl will need this season: embroidered, destroyed, lace and floral. Whether they’re flared, fitted or slouch, it’s not their style that matters, but how they’re embellished.

Gigi Hadid has no shame in her embroidered obsession as the supermodel has been spotted wearing embroidered clothing quite often over the past year. Embroidery adds a little something extra to the denim you already love and allows you to customize your otherwise classic denim style.

For a simple embroidered look, try Express Embroidered Graphic Cutoff Shorts or Lulu’s Rustic Charm Medium Wash Embroidered Denim Shorts – I just ordered them 😉

Many may say the destroyed denim look is a thing of the past but fashion editors and stylists like Zanna Rossi, Brad Goreski and Rachel Zoe would have to disagree; as long as you style the look properly.

Whether you’re gearing up for Spring or heading somewhere tropical, lace is a perfect way to fancy-up a casual look. These Hint of Summer Shorts from Tobi are currently sold out, but the Casanova Endless Rose Short in Nude Pink is still available on Revolve ( and on sale 😉 )

Tinsel’s Crocheted Accented Cut-Off Shorts are currently sold out at Lord & Taylor; however, for a simple crocheted denim short, try Target’s Crochet Raw Hem Medium Wash and Lace Light Wash.

Floral is something that has stayed throughout the Winter pretty much so it will definitely appear in more on the runways this Spring! Floral shorts are the solution to adding some personality to your simple looks. Kendall & Kylie have tons of floral in their new Spring collection for Pacsun.

And let’s not forget the post-Memorial Day go-to: white denim.

Best stores to find these shorts:

  1. Express
  2. Forever 21
  3. Asos
  4. Nasty Gal
  5. Pacsun
  6. Net-a-Porter
  7. Target

P.S. Work the system a little bit – If you see a pair of shorts you love and are indecisive to buy, check out the store’s return policy and if it’s reasonable, buy it! Your favorite shorts, or any clothing items, will sell out fast, so if you can return merchandise later on… play it safe and buy now, decide later.

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